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Be A Smile-Maker

At Iskcon Kurukshetra, we believe that being kind and donating a few can make a big difference in some people’s lives. When you donate to us, you directly help make a child’s life happier and give them the chance to learn and grow. This is how they would be happy despite challenges. With your small support, we can provide kids with what they need most, like nutritious food, comfortable clothing, and quality education. These basic necessities help them build a better tomorrow and do their best in the future.

Support Our Mission

Fighting Hunger


At Iskcon Kurukshetra, we’re working hard to fight hunger and food insecurity in our neighbourhoods. Our goal is quite simple and clear and that is to provide healthy meals to people and families who don’t have enough food. Your donation of ₹11,000/- can really help us make sure that no one goes to bed without having delicious and nutritious food.

Giving food to the needy

Feed Hope Now

And, when you help us with our fighting for hunger work, you’ve become a hero for people who need it most. Your kind help allows us to share food, set up kitchens for them, and work with nearby farmers to keep getting nutritious food for everyone. Every rupee you donate will help us give meals to those who need them. Our fight for hunger is not just about packing and providing food. Through this campaign, we keep them healthy and give them a light of hope for a brighter tomorrow. Don’t think too much; be our helping hand, and let’s work together to fight hunger and make our society kinder and stronger for children.

Supporting Homeless Shelters


At Iskcon Kurukshetra, we promise to help and provide a place for homeless people in our special shelters. If you donate ₹21,000, you can help us give them a safe place to stay and many essential services they need, like blankets in winter, etc.

Help With Home

Homelessness is a big problem that many people and families deal with in our neighborhoods. Sometimes, it’s because they don’t have enough money or there are other tough things happening in their lives. With your donation support, we’re not just giving them a place to sleep. They’re like a lifeline and help for those going through hard times.

When you help with our homeless shelters, you’re helping us give people the basics, like a place to stay, food, clothes, and medical care. Your kindness lets us keep these places safe and friendly. Here, people can get the help they need to start over. We believe in helping people in every way we can. That’s why we provide counselling and primary education to support individuals in becoming self-sufficient. Your donation will help us fund these crucial services, which can make a real difference in the lives of homeless people.

Elderly Support


At Iskcon Kurukshetra, we work hard to make sure that elderly individuals who live alone or have limited sources of income get the nourishment and nutrition they need. If you donate ₹31,000, it will help us give essential support and friendship to our elderly community members.

Support Elders With Compassion

Aged people sometimes have a tough time because they can’t move around easily, they have health problems, and they experience social isolation. A lot of them can’t always afford nutritious meals or the help they need, especially if they’re by themselves or don’t have much money. In these scenarios, we stand tall for them and you can also support them by donating. With our initiatives for older individuals, we want to help them deal with these problems and make their lives better. Your kind donation helps us deliver meals, check on their health, and plan fun activities that keep them happy and healthy, either physically or mentally.

Our devoted team of volunteers and careers works harder day and night just to make sure that each elderly person gets special care and attention. Our aim is to ensure that elderly people never feel alone. We give them good food and help with their health needs, aiming to create a loving place where they feel important and cared for. So, your donation of ₹31,000 can help our elderly community get the food and care they need. Let’s shake hands and come together to uplift our senior citizens and make a significant difference in their lives.

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Your Donation’s Journey


Your donations are vital in supporting those in need and providing nourishment. Every contribution, regardless of size, plays a crucial role in advancing our mission to alleviate hunger.


We gather cooking supplies from local farmers, markets, and dedicated individuals committed to making a positive difference. These ingredients, collected by volunteers and devotees, include a diverse range of fresh fruits and vegetables.


Our devoted volunteers labor tirelessly in the kitchen, making nutritious meals to meet dietary needs while delighting the plates of needy people we serve.


Once cooked, meals are carefully packaged to maintain freshness and prevent contamination. We prioritize eco-friendly packaging to minimize our environmental footprint.


Generous volunteers and ISKCON Wavecity devotees unite to distribute hot meals to shelters and directly to those in need. Community events are also organized, providing opportunities for individuals to enjoy nutritious meals together.