Sadhu Seva

Feeding the Spiritual Guardians of Our Society!

Sadhu Seva, a holy service committed to helping saints, monks, and spiritual seekers who have dedicated their lives to serving God and mankind by spreading love and becoming carriers of God’s kindness. Sadhu Seva recognizes the great contributions made by saints to the preservation of the ageless principles of love, selflessness, and compassion. Through a number of services and activities, we hope to encourage and uplift these honorable people on their spiritual path. We sincerely welcome you to participate in elevating these unselfish people who commit their lives to the service of God through our initiative.

Why Sadhu Bhojan Matters

The messengers of the compassion of the Lord, sadhus, or holy men, disseminate the message of principle-centred values and God’s consciousness. They are the spiritual guardians of our society; they guide us towards a life of purpose, commitment, and inner peace. When we offer food donations, they are physically fed and their unfailing efforts to enhance humanity are acknowledged. The Geeta tells us that “the more you give, the more you receive,” hence this deed of charity invites blessings and abundance.

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Your Chance to Serve

You have the chance to serve the sadhus living in our temple in ISKCON Kurukshetra. Donating will enable us to feed 251 sadhus on a single occasion. Little as it may be, your donation will have a big impact on the lives of these spiritual leaders and the communities they serve.

Note:- Your Donation is to feed 251 Sadhu’s for onetime.



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Our Mission

Our Mission at ISKCON Kurukshetra is to provide saints living in the ISKCON Mandir with vital materials and support. We think it’s important to develop a culture of compassion, deference, and appreciation for people who have given up the material world to follow the path of spiritual awakening and the service of Supreme God. Through our efforts, we want to make sure that these souls dedicated to the service of God are free from worldly concerns so they may focus wholeheartedly on their spiritual practices and service to mankind.

The Initiatives We Have Started

Sadhu Welfare programs

We provide a number of welfare programmes designed to meet Sadhus’ fundamental requirements for food, housing, clothes, and medical facilities. By using our network of supporters and volunteers, we try to make sure that no ever feels abandoned or deprived of essentials they require. Our efforts also include giving them access to medical treatment, cozy accommodation, and wholesome food, thereby promoting their mental and physical well-being so that they could focus on their spiritual awakening.

Workshops and Spiritual Retreats

We organise seminars, workshops, and spiritual retreats facilitated by seasoned scholars and spiritual instructors on our sacred books like Bhagwat Geeta, Upanishads and Vedas. These gatherings provide sadhus with a supportive setting in which to learn more about the spiritual concepts of our sacred books, have meaningful conversations, and fortify their spiritual practices. Participants in the group prayers, intellectual debates, and guided meditation sessions discover comfort, inspiration, and a fresh energy in their spiritual quest.

Support for Learning

We help in their learning endeavors because we understand the value of education in spiritual as well as material domains. Whether it’s through scholarships, online classes, or books, our aim is to provide these honorable people with the information and abilities they need to improve their lives and better contribute to society. By creating educational opportunities, we provide them with the skills they need to stay anchored in their spiritual goals and navigate the complexities of the contemporary world.

Healthcare Assistance:

When travelling on the path of spirituality, health is everything. We give sadhus access to medical facilities, consultation and medication. Our committed team of medical specialists makes sure that their physical health is given top priority by providing preventative care, medical treatment, and assistance. So, join us to help them to continue their spiritual journey with vigour and vibrancy by easing their health issues.

Achievements of our Sadhu Seva Initiative

Fed Sadhus

By the kind donations of our supporters, we have been able to feed and care for sadhus on important occasions and get-togethers with wholesome meals.

Involvement in the Community

Our initiative has established a network of people committed to helping and elevating one another among our volunteers, supporters, and sadhus themselves.

Awakening Spiritually

Many supporters have said that by serving the Sadhus through our initiative, they have had a deeper spiritual connection, inner calm, and a better grasp of the values of service and dedication.

Educational Outreach

Apart from feeding the people, our initiative has organized seminars and educational activities headed by the sadhus, providing insightful knowledge about our sacred books and counsel to anyone looking for spiritual direction.

Acknowledgement and Appreciation

The Sadhus dedicated their lives to the service of Supreme God themselves have thanked and recognized the local community for their kindness and support as well as for the work of our project.

Expansion of Services

The success of our Sadhu Seva project has allowed us to reach more sadhus and communities in need, therefore advancing our goal of respecting and supporting these spiritual guardians.

Become Part of Our Mission

You may change these spiritual leaders’ lives and the communities they serve in the long run by contributing to our Sadhu Seva effort. Any small donation is essential to the health and spiritual development of these honoured people who commit their lives to mentoring and motivating others.

Let us unite to show our appreciation and to let blessings and abundance enter our lives. In addition to helping the sadhus, your donation encourages a service-oriented and compassionate culture in our community. Collectively, we can make everyone’s future more spiritually satisfying.

Donate right now to feel the deep satisfaction of donation. As you help us to elevate the sadhus, you will also elevate our society and yourself. For people who humbly serve the almighty, your encouragement is a ray of optimism.