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Important Considerations

In this policy and all our other policies Sri Sri Krishna Arjuna Mandir , Krishna Arjuna Mandir, ISKCON Kurukshetra, ISKCON Temple, Sri Sri Radha Radha Kanta Temple, Sri Sri Jagannath Baldeva Temple, International Society for Krishna Consicousness will all be collectively refered further as “us” or “we” or “our” or “temple”.

And Our Websites located at , or subdomains or these websites, our any other websites purchased in the name of temple will be reffered ahead as “service” or “website” or “app” hence forth in this document.

Every human who visits / interacts / shares / donate / buy in/on our websites will be reffered further as “visitor” / “user” / “customer” / “buyer” / “you” / “they” / “he” / “she” and related names.

We might collaborate with third party services just to mention some examples, say Advertising Agencies, Delivery services, Banks, Payment Gateways, DataCenters, etc to personalise or even make our services possible, every user of our services, agrees with the use of services, that he/she is agreeable to the terms and policies of these third parties, and they are responsible to check the policies of these third parties for any updates. Any loss occured to our users due to third parties is not responsibility of ISKCON Kurukshetra in any matter.

ISKCON Kurukshetra reserves all rights to change these policies without giving any prior notice to the visitors of the websites, the users are themselves responsible to periodically check the policies for updates.

List of Policies

The policies which the visitors of our websites may wish to check are listed below :

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