COVID has taken a toll on people's health and employment.
Deprived of their livelihood, many covid patients now have nothing to eat.

we are trying to provide these victims food for

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plates distributed
They are using drones and GPS to keep control checks on social distancing, food safety, and timely delivery. I congratulate their team for this commendable work.
Nitin Gadkari
Minister for Road Transport and Highways
ISKCON members have helped us a lot. They have their own kitchens and they are also partnering with the government.
Arvind Kejrival
Delhi Chief Minister of Delhi
Voice from the ground I would like to thank ISKCON for heeding the call of Chief Minister of Maharashtra to help those who are impacted by the lockdown& providing them a meal a day. Immense gratitude for helping in this hour of need.
Priyanka Chaturvedi

Help us in feeding thousands of people severly affected by the covid crisis